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How to talk with pool contractors

Constructing a custom swimming pool
can be an amazing process. It is an investment to your property, your
free time, and your lifestyle. In choosing your custom pool company,
choose an experienced one that will build you a pool and will also
transform your backyard into your dream paradise.


are always the best. There is no better recommendation than one from
your neighbors, friends, and family who have pools. Ask them about the
pool company they hired.

Get multiple completing swimming pool designs and estimates
you listen to each proposal, make notes and ask lots of specific
questions. An honest pool builder should be able to answer all of your
questions clearly and satisfactorily. Choose the pool company with whom
you feel most comfortable. While your intuition will tell you which pool
builder is right for you, make sure they can give you assurances in the
form of solid documentation. Here are a few of the main questions all
swimming pool companies should be able to answer.


How long have they been in business in the same name?
Do they have more than 3 customer references?
Are they members of the native higher Business Bureau?
Are they a member of the Swimming Pool Builders Association?

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